Government buildings in SimCity BuildIt

Services icon Tap your Services icon to find a very important Service type: Government. Each government building has a special function to ensure the smooth running of your city and to keep you in the black with Simoleon taxes and SimCash achievements. Politics has never been so fun!

Government icon Tap the Government icon to see each residential zone’s happiness visually mapped out over your city. 
The Government view shows your citizens' happiness levels

Smiling green faces over zones are a good sign you’re on the right Mayoral track! Citizens living in these zones are leading happy and contented lives thanks to your city planning. Happier citizens pay more taxes and are unlikely to move out – in fact they’re thinking about upgrading! Upgrading a residential zone will give you an increase in your population level and happiness as well as a Simoleon and XP bonus.
A happy citizenNot thrilled, but doing all rightHappiness trending downwardLosing faith in you, Mayor!Browsing the real estate ads in Rising Sun ValleyPacking up and moving out!
At the opposite end of the scale, red frowning faces over residential zones are bad news. Citizens living in those zones are feeling unhappy and neglected by their Mayor, so they won’t want to pay much tax at all. In fact, if life doesn’t improve soon they will leave the city completely! An abandoned residential zone is undesirable to other citizens and also means a drop in population levels. (It’s not much comfort to know that an abandoned zone is one less drain on your Services capacity.)

When selected in the Government Services menu, you’ll see information about how to place each building in your city.

  • Building price – What will it cost to get the building up and running?
  • Requirements – What XP level must you reach before this building unlocks?

Types of Government building

Town Hall:
 Remember the early days when your city was just a road? The Town Hall is built when you’re first starting out. Congratulations on your first steps into Government! Tap any speech bubbles you see over this building, it means that someone wants to tell you something new about your city.

City Storage: Any items and materials purchased, created, or collected need to be kept somewhere, so you'll need the City Storage to progress. If things get tight, make some space in your City Storage by using the items inside for building, upgrading, or selling, or increase the capacity of your City Storage by collecting storage-themed Special Items from citizens’ opinion bubbles.

City Storage Get quick and easy access to your City Storage by tapping the icon at the top of your screen.

Learn more about using and expanding your City Storage.

City Hall: Who doesn’t love some red tape? Actually, don't answer that. But now that you're Mayor, trust us, you'll love it! Build your City Hall and start collecting taxes straightaway from your citizens! Tap on your City Hall to get a visual chart of your current tax rate. The rate is calculated based on how good a job you’re doing: As your population grows and your citizens get happier, you receive more taxes. 

"Income" shows how much tax you’ll collect over a 24-hour (real-time) period. That means that if you tap on City Hall at the same time of day tomorrow (without visiting it between now and then) the income is the full amount of Simoleons you will receive. But joy! You don’t have to wait a whole day if your Simoleons levels are low. Taxes build up gradually over the course of the day, so you can pick up smaller amounts at regular intervals, any time you see the Simoleon icon above City Hall. There’s no penalty for doing it this way – you still get the same total of Simoleons. 
Your current tax rate

Mayor’s Mansion: With all the rigors of running a city, you need somewhere comfortable to lay your head at night. The Mayor’s Mansion isn’t just a status symbol, it’s a collection point for your City Achievements! Granted for excellent work performance, Achievements are indicated by an icon above your Mayor’s Mansion. Tap it to collect your SimCash bonus and bask in the pride of a job well done! 
You have earned a City Achievement! Tap to collect your SimCash.

To build: When you’ve selected which government building you want, drag it onto the map. The white outline below the moving building shows where its footprint will be. It must be next to a road and not overlapping any other property. Zoom or rotate your view to see the location from different angles if you need more detail, then tap the green checkmark to confirm your choice.

To move: Tap and hold the government building you’d like to move, drag it to a different spot, and tap the green checkmark if you’re satisfied with the new placement. Wherever you place the building, remember to have a road next to it so it can still keep your city running smoothly.

To bulldoze: Each government building performs a crucial function, so these buildings are indestructible! Feel free to move them around as much as you like, but it’s not possible to bulldoze a government building. 


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