Expanding your city and using City Storage

City Storage
For information about your City Storage, find the blue City Storage icon at the top of your screen. The two numbers beside the icon (e.g. 20/40) represent the number of items you have in City Storage versus the maximum number of items the Storage holds.
City Storage Tap the icon to see inside your City Storage inventory. Any items you have purchased, created, or collected (and not used elsewhere yet) will be visible here.
Inventory items in your City Storage

Running out of storage space?
If space is tight, there are ways to free up more. 

  • Take a look around your city to see if citizens are offering deals (represented as a Simoleon in a speech bubble). Take their offers up to make some space AND get some Simoleons!
  • Use stored items for crafting in commercial buildings. Two or more items will be removed from your City Storage!
  • Use stored items to build and upgrade residential zones. Earn XP and Simoleons, plus keep your population happy and increasing!
  • Level up to trade your items with your friends and the wider world. Put materials up for sale in your Trade Depot or include them in cargo shipments by sea.
  • Expand your City Storage using storage-themed Special Items or SimCash.

If your City Storage is full, you cannot purchase items from friends or the Global Trade HQ as you’ll have nowhere to put them! You are also unable to collect items manufactured or crafted in your factories and commercial buildings. However, there are exceptions when City Storage can be temporarily stretched. Any Special Items randomly collected from citizens’ opinion bubbles will be saved to your inventory, even if you’re out of space. You can also still use SimCash to purchase items for immediate recipe fulfillment in a commercial building, complete building plans and agree to deals and cargo shipments. Those items are used so quickly that no storage is necessary!

Expanding your City Storage
storage-themed Special Items storage-themed Special Itemsstorage-themed Special Items
From your City Storage, tap the green "Increase Capacity" button to see which storage-themed Special Items are required to increase maximum storage. Accumulate the necessary Items, tap to confirm, and your City Storage will immediately increase! If you don’t have the heart to listen to your citizens’ opinion bubbles (that's a little bit heartless, Mayor!) you can buy missing Special Items for SimCash.
Increase your City Storage capacity

City Limits
bulldozer-themed Special Items bulldozer-themed Special Itemsbulldozer-themed Special Items
If you’d like to stretch your horizons (both literally and figuratively), expanding your city limits is easy. The boundaries of your current land, and each possible expansion zone, are visible as faint white dotted lines. Tap an expansion zone to see a list of which bulldozer-themed Special Items are needed to claim that land as your own! Accumulate the necessary Items, tap to confirm, and voila, your city has grown! If you don’t have the time to listen to your citizens’ opinion bubbles (shocking!) you can buy missing Special Items for SimCash. Now you have more space to do what you please with.

You can pick expansion zones in any order, as long as they are connected to your current city limits. Some land is more desirable than others, so the Special Items requirements can vary for each plot. 
Expand your city


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