Building and maintaining roads in SimCity BuildIt

Every bustling city needs a good set of roads, and all buildings must be connected by roads.
Roads menu Tap the road icon on the right of your screen, and three options will appear: Build, Upgrade, and Bulldoze.
The options in the full road menu

Steamroller  To build: Tap the steamroller Build icon to go into road-building mode, then tap and drag on your city to draw your road. If you’re not happy with it you can redraw by dragging your finger backwards over your route, or tap the red checkmark to start over completely. When you’re happy with the layout, tap the green checkmark to confirm. Voila—instant asphalt! Best of all, drawing a new road won’t cost you a single Simoleon.
Drawing a new road

Congested road indicator As your city grows, keep an eye on congestion. Your citizens don’t like to sit in traffic jams; if they can’t get to work on time they’ll start to move out! Upgrading roads increases the number of lanes available so your citizens can get around more easily. When congestion becomes intolerable you’ll be alerted by an advisor, and a red exclamation mark will appear next to the road icon. 
Upgrade road icon To upgrade: Tap the hard hat/traffic light Upgrade icon. You’ll see a view of your city with your road network highlighted. Green/black roads = good. Red roads = bad!
Red roads need to be upgraded

Tap the red sections to see how many Simoleons are needed to upgrade from two lanes to four, then tap the green checkmark to confirm your decision. You might even need six lanes later on! Each upgrade is unlocked as you progress in the game.
Bulldoze icon To bulldoze: To reorganize your city, you will likely need to create a new layout for the roads. Tap the Bulldoze icon, then the section of road you want to remove. If your road is four- or six-lane, you’ll even get some Simoleons back! Tap to confirm your decision. Once you’ve cleared a section of road, be sure to look around where it used to be—there may be buildings no longer connected to a road! Make sure to draw them a new connection or relocate them.


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