Troubleshooting in SimCity BuildIt

Why are my services at their limit?

Service capacity relates to how many residential zones you have, not your population numbers. Every time you place and build a new residential zone your service demand will grow, so make sure to increase capacity by building more (or better) service buildings! Upgrading an existing residential zone won’t increase your service demand!

My City Storage is full, I’m stuck!

Check around your city: If you see speech bubble/Simoleon icons, check them out! Deals are a great way of quickly freeing up space in your City Storage, as well as getting some Simoleons in your pocket. Check this article for other ways to make space in your City Storage.

Why can’t I place my building?

The white outline below the moving building shows where its footprint will be. It must be next to a road and not overlapping any other property. Zoom or rotate your view to see the location from different angles if you need more detail, then tap the green checkmark to confirm your choice.

Why is my service building not helping my citizens?

Make sure service buildings are placed next to a road: that’s how most services connect your city. Alternately, some services use coverage areas rather than road networks (e.g. Fire, Police and Health). Your building may not be covering your residential areas. To check coverage, tap the service from the services icon to see its performance visually mapped out over your city.

Why is my specialization building not pleasing my citizens?

Specialization buildings use coverage areas, so maybe some of your residential zones aren’t able to bask in its specialized glow! To check your coverage is adequate, tap that particular specialization from the services icon to see its performance visually mapped out over your city.

I’ve unlocked these better factories, but I need more plots to build them on!

Factory plots are limited, but more are made available as you progress through the game. Protip: Remember it’s possible to demolish older, dirtier, less efficient factories to make way for newer, cleaner versions with more production slots! (Simoleon refunds are also available for factories you spent Simoleons on!)

Why won’t my citizens stop whining?

You can’t please all the citizens all the time. Listen to them, keep them happy, give them services and entertain them, but remember their individual tastes and desires might be quite different. Which of them will you cater to?

Where is my missing currency?

If you’ve purchased currency bundles but not received them, submit a Help ticket through the game so our support team can help you. Tap the settings icon on the left of the screen, then ‘Help’ followed by ‘Contact Us’. Fill in the request form, submit it, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

My game is full screen and I can’t get out!

On some Android devices there’s no obvious way to close the game. Try dragging your finger down from the top of the screen, then tap your home screen icon.

I'm trying to rename my city, but the 'OK' button isn't working!

Some 3rd-party Android keyboards don't like this button, but tapping your keyboard's return button means your city name will still be saved!

My account has been compromised, what should I do?

If you’re worried that someone else has control of your game account and your security might have been compromised, please follow one of the links below.

For Google Play accounts (Android)

For Game Center accounts (iOS) (and choose your location to proceed)

For Facebook accounts

I haven’t heard back from Customer Support yet!

We aim to get back to you as soon as we can. Make sure our reply hasn’t been filtered into your spam folder, as well as ensuring you input your email address carefully when submitting a Help request!


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