Speed up crafting with Speed Up Tokens

With Speed Up Tokens, you can speed up your commercial buildings so that they produce resources and supplies more quickly. Start collecting Speed Up Token Parts that you can turn into Speed Up Tokens by completing Epic Projects.

Speed Up Token collection.

Speed Up Token Parts and Speed Up Tokens

There are 3 types of collectible Speed Up Token Parts that your Epic Buildings produce. You will need several of a token type in order to make a Speed Up Token.

Turtle Speed Up Token PartTurtle Speed Up Token Part

Llama Speed Up Token PartLlama Speed Up Token Part

Cheetah Speed Up Token PartCheetah Speed Up Token Part

Tap the Speed Up Token Parts above Epic Buildings to collect them. A counter will appear to display how many you have collected.

The type of token you receive depends on your Epic Building type. For example, Cheetah Buildings produce Cheetah Speed Up Token Parts and Llama Epic Buildings produce Llama Speed Up Token Parts.

Speed Up Token building.

Using Speed Up Tokens

Once you have a Speed Up Tokens you can accelerate the production of items in Commercial buildings.

Tap a Commercial building and then tap the Speed Up Token icon. It will give you the menu of the Speed up Token types you have available, drag one of them to your production queue to accelerate production.

Turtle Speed Up TokenTurtle – speeds up crafting 2x

Llama Speed Up TokenLlama – speeds up crafting 4x

Cheetah Speed Up TokenCheetah – speeds up crafting 12x

The Department of Epic Projects stores all of your Speed up Tokens. You can tap it to see how many you have available.

Speed Up Token counter.


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